Hi there
This week I succeeded on something that, for as long as I can remember, I have failed dismally with…
For years this particular point has had the distinction of holding a top three spot on every resolution, goals and, quite frankly, any general list to do with self improvement that I have made.

At this point I feel I must admit I am a compulsive list maker. I get a warm feeling in my belly when I have all the random thoughts that are floating around in my head written (must be hand written, typing just does not produce the same rush!) on a sheet of paper and I can merrily begin to placate the inner school teacher in me, my sense of accomplishment growing with every satisfactory ‘tick’ or ‘check’ I make on completion of an item.

While I was actually in the process of achieving my all important tick, I was consciously, but almost effortlessly, following all the guidelines I had set out for myself to increase my chances of earning that black mark. (Yep, black pens for me, to match the moleskin). The cosmos must have been aligned or something, either way, all my preparations paid off and as I put the phone down, D rounded the corner, big smile on his face, congratulating me…

I had manged to hold my temper and not rise to the bait. A miracle folks, truly a massive miracle!

Of course, we now have to see if I can repeat the task, but first I am going to bask in the still fresh satisfaction of my hard won achievement for a while

Be Good xxx


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