Rite of Passage…

Last week, with Legacy out of action, Goldie was drafted in as a replacement in some lessons.

Now, normally Goldie would only ridden by a select brave few; she often runs low on brake fluid…

However, on this occasion she pleasantly surprised me with her laid back attitude, particularly with the little children.

During one of the lessons Miss J, a tiny little 7 year old, was on board and doing a super job leading the ride around the arena in a lively trot. ┬áHer brother K, who had ridden earlier and had been helping D on the farm after his lesson, came back into the arena and had to do a double take…

Then, without a pause he turned to me and, in complete disbelief, exclaimed “I can’t believe you gave her the keys to the Ferrari!”.

Pure Brilliance!!

Of course, once I had recovered my composure, I felt that I had to point out that Miss J must be doing something right, as she had not crashed the Ferrari just yet.


The view from the drivers seat of the Ferrari!

Be Good xxx


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