Many, many moons ago, I would regularly take part in photo challenges and the likes, posting my extremely amateur results over on my other blog…

Being that I mostly see horses every day, with the occasional Donkey thrown in the mix for good measure, I have been on the look out for a ‘Horsey’ themed photo challenge for some time now… To absolutely no avail!

January Horse Photo Challenge#SFSHorsePhotoChallenge

So, embracing the spirit of my adopted country,  I decided to do what every good South African would do, and ‘Make a Plan’!

So, here it is the Strides for Success Horse Photo Challenge or #SFSHorsePhotoChallenge for short! (the Farm Photo Challenge just didn’t have the same ring to it!)


If you are at all interested in anything equine related, I would love you to join in.  You can simply then just share the photos on Instagram or Twitter, using the #SFSHorsePhotoChallenge and we can all have a ‘goo’ at your handy work.

Or, you can post a link at the end of this post to your blog and perhaps more specifically, a post where you have a few of the current months ‘topics’.   We can then all visit your blog and have a look!


A Different Perspective...

A Different Perspective…

Lastly, every month 1 participant will win a 3 month Daily Strides subscription, audio horse riding lessons straight to your phone to listen to as you ride your horse.  (In short, I will be in the arena, speaking into your ear as you ride, which I am apparently far better at than taking photographs… Thank Goodness!)


Christmas Day.. Cooling off in the river with the dogs 🙂


Oh, and before I forget… Happy New Year!!

I hope you have taken the time to look back over 2014 with gratitude for all that was good and have lit a fire in your belly to make 2015 the year you improve upon  the things that were less than perfect.

Be Good xxx

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